In addition to equine-assisted therapy, Forest Meadow Ranch offers wellness events and activities designed to appeal to people of all ages. These events include yoga and meditation classes, special group events, and team building for professionals looking for alternative ways to help employee engagement and relations. For information on pricing please contact us.  We’re happy to cater our menu to suit your specific needs.

Individual & Group Therapy

At Forest Meadow Ranch, we use the Eagala Model for individual and group therapy. Fundamentally, Eagala is a solution-focused concept that provides opportunities for clients to explore, gain insight, problem solve, and practice new behaviors. There is no riding involved and no prior horse experience is required. 

Our equine therapy allows people to collaborate with horses while learning to build a trusting relationship, which is the core of most human struggles. When a person makes a connection with a horse, it can act as a bridge to connect with people. The delicate interactions between horses and people that take place at FMR help to reveal critical information about patterns and behaviors that can empower a clinician in a way that traditional counseling doesn’t always achieve. 

This model helps people of all ages, including couples and families, faced with the following challenges:

  • Anxiety 

  • Depression

  • Self worth

  • Trauma recovery

  • Addiction

  • Grief

Team Building

Unplug from office stress and technology to reconnect with nature for instant, long-term benefits. Forest Meadow Ranch utilizes experiential learning techniques to provide fun, powerful methods for professional training and development. Not all experiences include horses, but each class is catered to achieve desired team goals.


Our customized programs help with: 

  • Raising team morale and communication

  • Strengthening leadership and relationships

  • Problem solving and conflict resolution

  • Unleashing creativity and productivity


Why Team Build with a Horse? Horses are herd animals and naturals at team building. They adapt and shift roles according to the needs of their herd and are instinctively social and focused on inclusion.  At FMR, once safety is established, our horses will willingly allow humans into their herd for our equine specialist to conduct various ground activities that teach invaluable lessons to support your company goals.


Team building rates range from $2000-$4000 + depending on the length of the event and number of participants.  Please call for a quote. There is a different rate schedule for nonprofit groups.  Most team building events are three hours in length. 

Yoga & Meditation

Forget goat yoga! Forest Meadow Ranch is the ideal setting to practice yoga and meditation while immersed in the sounds and sights of a beautiful, calming horse ranch. Because horses are good for the soul and have proven powers to reduce stress levels, the art of practicing yoga or meditating among them offers incredible benefits.


We offer regular classes that are open to the public (weather permitting) and led by experienced, licensed instructors. See our calendar for upcoming yoga and meditation sessions.


Special Events

Forest Meadow Ranch has big plans for 2022!  From Nature Walks on our groomed trails to Line Dancing! Sign up here to receive email updates and our quarterly newsletter.

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